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What coverage can I expect from my Radio System.

Many factors govern coverage. We can always advise on this to the best of our ability having gained much experience of coverage over the years. We can also with computer software show a mapped area of approximate coverage. On these issues you will be advised by an ENGINEER not a salesman.


Do I need a license to run my taxi radio?

Yes you will the Wireless telegraphy act states
 "Under Section 8 of the Wireless Telegraphy (WT) Act 2006, it is an offense to install or use any radio equipment without a license, unless that equipment has been specifically exempted from licensing."

However you could
operate with the Short Range License Exempt Radios, in which case you wont need a license, but you must bear in mind, that these radios only communicate reliably over a short distances.


Who can hold a business radio license

A Business Radio license can be issued to a number of organisations including individuals (sole traders), partnerships, public and other limited liability companies, local and other authorities, and registered charities.



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